Save Me

Save Me Cover

Chapter One: Hell City

            Jungkook knew that today wasn’t going to be a good day just like how he knew that just a few years ago on a day similar to this, his partner shouldn’t have come with him inside that drug house, Jungkook might have been a rookie but he was one of the best rising cops on the force. His partner was a nervous person, probably trying to prove a point or something by going inside that house with Jungkook. Jungkook could still remember the way Hoseok had said the words, “I’m a cop too!” before charging into the house.

Hoseok had a good heart, but he wasn’t ready for the reality of what being a cop in an area such as this entitled. Hoseok and Jungkook had barely made it down into the home’s basement before people came out with guns. This wasn’t a normal drug house filled with junkies, it was the place they made the drugs, filled with dangerous men. Jungkook was lucky to take a bullet to the side, unlike Hoseok who was the first person they laid eyes on. The tore him open with bullets, the bullet proof vest they were wearing did nothing for his other appendages. Jungkook had quickly called for backup as he tried to pull Hoseok away from the onslaught and protect himself. Jungkook was told once he was in the hospital that he should have left Hoseok there, that he was risking his life for an already dead man but Jungkook had simply said, “He was my partner,” and left it at that.

 Jungkook had gotten an award for finding the place, while Hoseok got buried six feet under. It left the worst type of taste in his mouth and when it came time to accept the award Jungkook had done what his boss had wanted him too, he smiled at the audience, shook hands and said thank you. All before drunk driving his way home just to get into a car accident, ripping his stitches open. He was put on probation after that and was told to see a counselor.

His boss, Namjoon the chief of police had actually recommended his long time husband Seokjin, who was not only a councilor but a social worker. Seokjin had helped many children and teenagers that were brought into the station and was always a calm and kind man. Jungkook didn’t think being counseled would help him but no one was immune to Seokjin’s charms.

That was years ago and while Jungkook had gotten the okay to go back to work he was different, less trusting and he refused to get anyone else as his partner. He still met with Seokjin but on a friend bases and he had promised not to tell Namjoon about their conversations saying “I am allowed to have my own friends you know?” Having this friend around helped but it didn’t do much. Being a cop had done wonders for the area he lived but it had ruined Jungkook.

Save Me Cover

~Save Me~

            “Okay Jungkook,” Namjoon had said into the boy’s ear piece. Jungkook’s entire body was stiff as he laid flat against the side of a wall. They had done months of research leading up to this point. There was supposed to me a large drop off here at this parking garage and if these drugs got into the area that would ruin all the hard work the local police force and the DEA were doing to turn this low income area around. They didn’t know exactly what it was but they knew that the local gang, The Jokers were at the head of the shipment.

The Jokers were given the title because they had made a joke of the law enforcement, raping, killing and tainting the city around them with hardly any repercussions. That was then however, Jungkook wasn’t going to let the Jokers continue to ruin the city…he wanted his revenge for all that they had hurt. His mind on his old partner Hoseok, Jungkook swallowed hard and charged in when Namjoon yelled, “Move in!”

Jungkook was with the second group to charge in to what quickly became a mess of flying bullets. Jungkook knew the proper protocol was to try to keep as many people alive as possible, in order to take them in for questioning but that was a lot easier said than done when the other people were aiming to end your life. Jungkook ran around a bend after a vehicle that was speeding off. He tried to aim at the tires but someone knocked him off his feet. Jungkook was quick to roll to the side to avoid a bat to the head. Jungkook’s gun had slipped from his hands on the impact but he was just as deadly without it. Taking the knife that was strapped to his thigh Jungkook quickly rolled forward and cut into the large man’s leg.

The screamed as their blood spilled from the wound, before kicking Jungkook in the stomach. Thankfully it didn’t hurt much as his vest protected him. Kicking his leg out Jungkook brought the man to the floor before reaching for his second gun that was strapped to the side.

“Don’t move! I will shoot if you move!” Jungkook’s voice boomed. Luckily this was an easy go around because they raised their hands in the air until another cop charged forward.

“Take him away, I saw a van go around back!” Jungkook said before grabbing his old gun from the floor and running off in the direction of the van. If Jungkook was lucky they didn’t drive far and only moved the car to a safer location to unload. They weren’t going to risk all this not to unload their inventory Jungkook thought so he needed to hurt. It was all out hell city with cops and member’s of the Joker’s fighting each other. This wasn’t a little gang, their weapons were just as good as the police departments, if not better because they shopped illegally for their weapons.

Jungkook was quick to take a short cut by jumping over a railing and running down the opposite side of the parking garage and sure enough he was right, in the area less filled with bullets there were vans unloading, but it wasn’t just drugs but weapons as well as people.

“This is Jungkook requesting back up in the south side of the garage, west of the handicap parking area. We have vans unloading an assortment of contraband and I need assistance immediately.”

“Roger that, squadron delta please move into position at Jungkook’s location.” A voice said. That’s all Jungkook needed to hear before moving into position. He quickly took out a camera he always carried with him and began documenting the scene. While he wasn’t stupid enough to go in alone, he never wanted to waste an opportunity. Jungkook didn’t know how much longer he could wait it out however when he saw the amount of equipment being moved from the van. It was all sorts of scientific equipment, to make drugs perhaps?

Thankfully Jungkook didn’t have to wait long and moved when Delta arrived. Because Jungkook was closest he was the first to get to the van.

His ears were ringing as he moved and tried to stop what was going on. Everything was going well because the one’s unloading the vans weren’t as trained with weaponry as the one’s in the main area of the parking garage were but no one was expecting what was going to happen next. Jungkook saw it before he heard it even hit the floor, a smoke bomb tossed amongst the mist.

Jungkook was quick to over his nose area as he dove to the side, knocking into somebody as the area was filled with thick, purple smoke. The next thing that was tossed was a flash grenade and after that Jungkook doesn’t remember much as he was knocked to the ground, his head smacking against the cement in the midst of panic. He could remotely recall someone saying his name but he probably dreamed that up as he passed out.

~Save Me~

When Jungkook woke up it was in the back of an ambulance, and the door was just about to shut as he quickly popped up, his vision swimming as he moved to fast. His head hurt terribly but he ignored that because, just what the hell happened?

“Jungkook easy! Your head needs to get looked at and so does the rest of you. You were down there fighting for quite some time. You did some damn good police work by following the vans to the other location. We were able to pull thousands of dollars’ worth of contraband tonight and a lot of members were brought in to the station along with sex slaves and such.” Namjoon said, peering at Jungkook, holding his hands steady in case Jungkook still snapped.

“I…the equipment, did you guys get the equipment they were moving in?” Jungkook asked, he needed to make sure they got everything he had seen or else it was for nothing. Jungkook knew Namjoon was trying to cheer him up but Jungkook didn’t need to be told about how many cop’s they lost today, he knew it was a given.

“We got a lot of stuff, a lot of it still needs to be processed just the same way you needed to be looked after. Please go to the hospital and get checked out, I’ll even let you go straight to the office after I get the okay from the doctors alright?” Namjoon said, the leader’s voice almost pleading.

Leaning back against the stretcher Jungkook said, “I’ll be there in a few hours, don’t start too much without me!” The boy yelled, coughing a bit as his lungs still burned from the smoke screen.

“Wouldn’t count on it, now go!” Namjoon said backing out the ambulance and shutting the door so they could drive off.

Just a few hours, and then he could get back to work…Jungkook thought as he shut his eyes. He needed to get to the bottom of things and fast. That equipment the Joker’s were moving wasn’t the standard stuff you used to make the usual street drugs, you could make most of that stuff in a normal kitchen, but if that was the case why all the gear? Jungkook needed to start questioning people, checking cameras and looking through what they did capture because this didn’t feel right.

~Save Me~

Not three hours more, Jungkook was rushing into the police station ready to work. Granted he had a slight concussion he had convinced the doctor that he was totally fine and should give Namjoon the okay. After working on so many injured officers and gang members he didn’t have to tell the doctor twice as they just signed the slip and waved Jungkook off, muttering something about needed a long vacation.

Jungkook quickly marched his way to the main area, after sliding his card into the area for people with his type of clearance only. Everyone was running around like a chicken with its head cut off as they filed through paper work.

“Boss I’m here!” Jungkook yelled, waving over Namjoon. “What do you need me to do, I really want to start looking through what we brought in.”

“Um yea about that…Seokjin wants to speak with you about something. He’s waiting outside of hall three for you.” Namjoon said, smiling sheepishly.

“Talk to me about what? I can speak with him later I need to focus on the case.”

“It is about the case, that’s why I need you to go right away. Now hurry up, Seokjin and I want to be home at a reasonable time.” Namjoon said, shooing Jungkook away. Jungkook figured the faster he talked to Seokjin the fast he could get to real police work so he rushed to the man. Seokjin was sitting on a bench outside an interrogation room waiting when Jungkook arrived.

“Jin, what is it? You know I want to get on the case, what’s so important that I had to be called over here?” Jungkook said, using Seokjin’s nickname that only the closest people to him used.

“Well Jungkook…you know how we brought in a lot of people, a lot of them were teenagers as well.”

“So what’s that have to do with me?”

“Well you know that in the contract you signed you agreed to house someone in case the foster homes were at max capacity and the juvenile halls were full too right? Well…everything’s full and I need you to house this kid!” Jin quickly said.

Jungkook stared at his friend for a whole minute before saying, “You’re joking right! I don’t have time to baby sit Jin, I’m going to be really busy now and you want me to house up a Joker?! Have you lost your mind?”

“Yes but everyone has housed someone and people are still caring for people and you never got a turn and well that was mostly because I made sure you didn’t get a turn but this time you have to do it. It is your civil duty to protect people right?”

“Well yes but I don’t want to-” Jungkook tried to say but Jin just shook his head and said,

“Then you need to look after them until I can figure out what to do with him. He’s already been cleared to go with you. His only charges are prostitution and theft so he’s pretty safe to place in your home. We wouldn’t put like a killer or anything with you, that is against the rules. He’s supposed to be going right into foster care but everything is full. I just need you to hold him for a few days until I figure something out or something open’s up. Maybe he could even help you with your case?” Jin said but Jungkook wasn’t buying it. Looking through the glass Jungkook could see the kid who had his head on the desk, he wasn’t moving but Jungkook could see the slight rise and fall of the boy’s shoulders to know that he was breathing.

“That’s Taehyung, your new roommate.” Jin told him but Jungkook’s mind was elsewhere. Hoseok…what am I going to do?”

Story Written by KrissyK (DesireKris)


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