I Need You Chapter Thirty


         BamBam rarely ever left Yoongi’s compound and normally took his clients there but after everything that’s been happening in the past few days he needed a change of pace, so he took one of his usual’s back at his place. When BamBam had first meet Yugyeom, Yoongi had nearly put a bullet in the man because Yoongi knew whom Yugyeom happened to work for.

Yugyeom worked for the mob boss that was a few cities over from them. Hoseok the happy virus people called him, because his drugs dealt with only stimulants that perked people up. BamBam usually didn’t stop Yoongi from killing people, not shy of the death of others but for some reason he hadn’t wanted Yugyeom to bite the bullet. Instead he asked how much Yugyeom was willing to pay and when the man said two thousand he had no choice but to say yes.

Yugyeom turned out to be so unlike the other people that hired him for sex. Yugyeom actually talked to BamBam and treated him like he wasn’t a prostitute but his boyfriend. So when Yugyeom asked to see him that day BamBam asked to be picked up.

He spent the day watching stupid movies and feeding each other goldfish and when they actually had sex together that day it felt less like sex and more like something warmer, something what BamBam wondered if that was what love felt like.

They were making out near the exit of Hoseok’s place when he heard a familiar voice.

“Whose your boss talking to in there?” BamBam asked as Yugyeom trailed soft kissed over BamBam’s smooth neck, now healed from the marks Jungkook had left there.

“I actually don’t know that, I went to go pick you up remember?” Yugyeom said laughing, as he easily lifted BamBam up on top of the table in the hallway.

“Well figure it out for me and I’ll see what I can do…just want us all to be friends…Suga….stop him from hurting himself and anyone else.” BamBam heard Hoseok say. Sliding quickly down and off the table, BamBam made his way to see who was betraying Suga and BamBam was actually surprised to see Jungkook. BamBam could hear the name Jooheon fall from their lips as well. So his brother was trying to get rid of Yoongi as well?

“Kunpimook what is it?” Yugyeom asked pulling his small friend towards him as he himself tried to listen as well.

“I need to go home…” BamBam said, blushing a bit as Yugyeom used his real name. He hardly ever heard his name and Yugyeom just said it so beautifully.

“Want me to drive you back love?” Yugyeom asked but BamBam shook his head, leaning up on his toes to give Yugyeom a proper kiss.

“No I’ll take a cab, thanks for today. I needed that.” BamBam said and smiled a bit when Yugyeom ruffled BamBam’s hair which would need a cut soon.

“You know we could still run away together, you wouldn’t have to hook up with so many people and I could work for us. I have plenty of money saved up for the both of us.”

“That sounds like a fairy tail…”

“It doesn’t have to be one, we could make it reality.” Yugyeom said, but BamBam shook his head no as he made his way out the door.

“I’ll have to take a rain check on that fairy tail, my pumpkin carriage is here.”

As BamBam as driven back to the motel he could only think about how everything was about to fall apart. A fairly tail life sounded pretty nice he thought as he watched buildings fly by. Perhaps he should run away, only time would tell.


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