You stretched on the couch and looked at your phone, it was about 5:30 and time to pick up your little brother. You rubbed your face in your hands, you’d just gotten off of work a half hour ago and you were up since six, it’d been a long day. You got up off the couch and stretched from your small power nap walking over to grab your keys and wallet. You went to your door of your small apartment slipped your shoes on and walked out the door. As you walked to the car you thought about something that Gun had told you.

“Noona! The tall guy that helps us is extra nice to me! He even gave me an extra jolley rancher!” he’d said so happy to you in the car. Gun wouldn’t stop talking about this guy at work. He said his name was Min-something. You couldn’t quite remember it considering all you did was work sleep and take care of Gun. Your mom had gone off somewhere again. She wouldn’t come back for days or for weeks at a time, it was like you were raising your brother as your son.

You sighed as you rounded the corner to the day care center. You pulled up and parked the car putting the keys in your back pocket. You pulled your hair back into a messy bun not really caring how you looked. You’d work your fingers to the bone six out of the seven days a week, and when you weren’t working you were taking care of Gun. Life wasn’t fair to you and you’d never gotten a break ever since your dad split. You breathed deeply and opened the door.

You were hit with the sound wave of children’s screams and laughter. You would never get over a place this big just for children. It was an indoor playground to your left and the office to your right. Lockers were lined up around the big indoor playground against the wall making a circle around it. In between each break was a hallway that led down the infrastructure to different classrooms and such. You looked to your left and saw children in the computer room and sighed. It was now 5:45 and you knew that Gun was supposed to be either in room A3 where their main room was or in the back of the facility with the outdoor playground, he was only six.

“Hi ma’am may I help you?” said a light voice coming from the office window. You looked to at the woman that’d greeted you and sighed. She must’ve been knew since she didn’t recognize you nor you her. She didn’t look as tired as you but she did look like she’d had a rough day.

“Yes I’m looking for the rabbit class, I’m here to pick up my little brother Gun,” you said sighing softly. The woman nodded and shifted to the giant board against the wall, it was a huge schedule of the facilities that had the location of each time each class would be where.

“Ah yes they should be in their main room right now its~”

“A3, yes I know. Thank you,” you said before letting her finish her sentence and walking away. You didn’t mean to be rude but it was just one of those days. You went around the big playground to the left of it and second the second entrance of hallways. You walked down passing two doors on your left and the stopped at the third one on your right. You looked at the little rabbit on the window that read “Class of A3! We don’t nibble!” You scoffed at the pun-like phrase and turned the nob to open the door. When you opened it the room was empty the backdoor slightly cracked open.

“Hmm, they must’ve went to the playground in the backyard” you said as you heard and watched the back door crack open.

“Oh, hello!” said a deep voice. You blinked a couple times trying to make sure you saw correctly. The man that’d just spoken coming through the back door was…well tall. He was probably around six foot and his hair was spiked up. It was dark and black. His jaw line could cut the hair if it needed to which was a hug contrast with his bubbly round eyes. You blinked a few times at the sound of his deep voice, it was almost like velvet.

“Um ma’am are you ok?” he said coming in closer to you leaning to the side as you peered at him not really in the same realm.

“Um yeah, yeah I’m fine just here to pick up my brother,” you said trying to bring yourself back to reality.

“Oh your just in time they’re about to come back in,” he said with a smile going back to the door. As he turned around he opened the door allowing the slightest bit of his muscle to flex. You breathed deeply and went over near the wall. The combination of fatigue and having a hot guy in front of you was not very good for your health. Who would’ve thought someone like that would actually work in a place like this? You heard the door open behind you as you saw two people walk in, two women that didn’t looked related whatsoever. Your attention was grabbed back at the door once you saw two little children, one girl and one boy run in. When they saw the two people at the door they ran into the arms of their respective parents and waved at the man that’d just let them back into the room.

“Thank you so much Mr. Choi,” the women said with a hungry look in their eyes.

“It’s my pleasure,” he said with a soft chuckle waving solely at the little children that reach at him for a high five. You watched as the two mothers looked the man hungrily up and down and left the room with their hormones circling around Choi.

“I’m sorry but where’s my brother?” you said getting back his attention when he closed the door behind the ladies.

“There’s another counselor outside making sure that none of the children are outside. You must be Gun’s sister,” he said reaching his hand out. You blinked hesitated that he knew who your brother was. You reached out and shook his hand.

“Gun’s told me a lot about you, he never told me you were this pretty though,” he continued to move and grab a clipboard putting some markings down with a pen. You blinked and looked away around the room trying not to let it be known that your cheeks got hot.

“Well, thank you. And you might be?” you asked walking into the room more looking at all the toys on the ground and the little pictures on each cabinet door that adorned the walls.

“Minho, Choi Minho.” The name suddenly stuck to you as you remembered Gun talking about this guy nonstop.

“Right,” you said nodding your head. You cleared your thoughts and asked him another question, “Do you know where Gun might be outside?”

“He usually likes the slides or the swings. But he doesn’t like to go on the swings unless I’m there to push him,” he said with a warm chuckle as he flipped the page on his clipboard. You nodded your head and turned around as Minho came straight to you. You froze eyes wide as he smiled down at you. His body was so close you could feel his scent engulfing you.

“Yes?” you said a little awkwardly with him so close begging to god that your breath didn’t smell. He smiled bubbly and pointed down.

“Can you move your foot for a second?” he said. You looked down surprised you didn’t bump your head on his chest as you saw your foot on top of a lace of a toy. It looked like some kind of pole with a long ribbon on it.

“Oh I’m sorry,” you said stepping off and backing away from it.

“No it’s fine,” his deep voice said bending down starting to clean up the toys. You watched as the door opened and closed with a young woman at it. She wasn’t familiar to you.

“Ok, that’s everyone.” She said with a smile as she stared hard at Minho.

“What do you mean that’s everyone? Where’s my brother?” you said looking at the female. She blinked rapidly finally noticing your presents in the room.

“There are no kids outside everyone was brought in,” she said staring at you wide eyed. Minho stood up to his full height and looked at the girl.

“Gun is not back in yet, this is his sister. I saw him on the slide at least five minutes ago where is he?” said Minho staring hard at the girl. The girl’s face went pale as she turned the nob to the door she was leaning on and went back outside. You shook your head and went to the door stepping outside yourself to look for your little brother. You looked up at the sky and saw the grey clouds starting to roll over into the sky the wind slightly picking up.

You went over to the playground part of the area where the swing was and called out for him.

“Gun!” you yelled looking over and under the big blue plastic slide. “Gun, where are you?” you said as your heart started to begin to race.

“Gun?” you heard Minho’s voice boom across the playground.

“Gun! Buddy where are you?” said the frail girls voice. You were starting to get angry. This is not how you wanted your day to end, all you wanted to do was get your brother and now you don’t even know where he was. You raced over to the girl and got into her face.

“Where the hell is my brother?” you demanded her eyes shaking as she shook her head.

“I-I don’t know,” she stuttered waving her hands in front of her, “he was just on the swings a few minutes ago and I thought I saw him walk back into the facility with the rest of the kids,” she said in a shaky voice. You heard footsteps come up and behind you.

“Now now please don’t get hasty its ok we’ll find him,” said Minho as you turned to him.

“You said you just saw him on the slide why the hell is she saying that she saw him on the swings?” you said feeling your anger about to boil over. You weren’t in the mood at all today yet alone your brother has gone missing. He was all you had and the fact that these two people didn’t know where he was made your trust issues even crack more.

“Y/N Calm down,” Minho said putting each hand on each of your shoulders. How’d he know your name? Gun must’ve told him.

“We are going to find your brother I swear to you,” said Minho as his eyes strained staring into yours. You clenched your jaw and jerked your shoulders from under his massive hands, his warm touch falling off of your shoulders.

“Gun!” you yelled as you walked towards the fence of the big area. You looked and ran over to see that the fence door was open.

“No” you whispered out of breath. You didn’t think and just darted out to where the little trail at the door of the gate led. It led to the parking lot of the facility with the entrance on the right as you got to the sidewalk.

“No no no, please god no,” you said as your heart started to pace and your mind start to think of the worse scenarios. You shook your head as your eyes darted from car to car searching for what could be your little brother. There were three big white vans spread out in the parking lot.

“Shit,” you heard Minho say as you heard him running up behind you. His voice brushing over your ear. You shivered at the combination of his voice and the fact that your brother could’ve just been taken. You heard a small pant as the girl came to your side.

“Oh no,” she said putting her hand to her forehead.

“I swear if anything happens to my brother,” you said your eyes straining with tears that wouldn’t fall, they were too full of anger as you looked at the girl, “I will break you in half,” you said as you watched the girl’s eyes dart back and forth from your scared out of her mind.

“Enough with the threats we need to find Gun,” said Minho in a sharp tone as he ran out into the parking lot.

“I’ll go report it!” the girl said running into the entrance of the facility.

“Gun!” you yelled out to the top of your lungs. You breath started to get shaky as you got further into the parking lot, it was a big ass parking lot. You dropped down to the ground and looked all around to get a vision on if anyone was standing, if they were their feet would be visible, you got nothing.

“He’s not out here,” said Minho jogging over to you his eyes darting back and forth. You heard his hot hard breath come out of his nose as his chest fell. You ignored him and ran straight into the facility.

“I need to see your cameras of the past twenty minutes of everything that was going on where is your security room?” you asked as your breath fell up and down staring darts at the woman you’d talked to earlier.

“I’m sorry ma’am but that’s for employees with a higher rank only,” she began nonchalantly.

“Look here I don’t have time for your stupid restrictions!” you yelled as she jumped in your sudden raise of tone, “my brother is missing because of one of your god damn employees now where is your security room!?” you said almost shaking with anger. There was no time for this, you needed to find your brother and quickly. The woman’s eyes were large with fear and the disrespect you just dished at her but you didn’t care. Your brother was always priority.

“Ms. Latz please give me the key,” you heard Minho say as he entered into the office himself. The woman looked from you to him and slowly handed him the key. Minho took off and you were straight on his heels. He went down to the right of the big indoor playground to the first hallway down all the way to the end to the left. He took the key and unlocked the door and it opened to a huge room with wires and cameras and a huge desk that controlled everything. You watched as Minho went into the seat typing things on the computer as certain screens popped up on the monitors layed out on the wall in front of the two of you.

“Do you know what your doing?” you said looking at him then back up to the screens.

“I have an associate’s degree in computer technology and networking. I’ve worked a year in military confinement off the borders of Kuwait and I’m two years into my graduate’s program,” he said as his fingers zoomed over the keyboard. What the hell was a guy like this doing in a facility like this? You looked back up at all the screens until you jumped by the sound of Minho’s outburst.

“Got him!” he was just in wing three. He got up and ran and you weren’t far behind. You both turned into wing three to no child in the hallway. Minho breathed deeply and with a hand on his hip as he wiped his hand over his mouth.

“Gun, Gun, Gun,” he whispered into his hand. He looked like he was in his own mind field in his brain. You squatted down into the ground and let your hands fall into your face. You breathed deeply trying everything you could to keep calm. You had to find your brother you had to find your brother was the only phrase that repeated in your head. You looked up at Minho.

“Where do you all get your jolly ranchers?” you said standing up. Minho’s eyes looked down at you scrunched and confused until his own eyes started to understand what you meant. You both ran back to the room and swung the door open. You walked in and to the left near the sink Gun was pulling out a drawer and taking out a blue jolly rancher.

“Gun,” you said as tears brimmed our eyes as your knees buckled falling to the ground. The little child turned around his eyes wide as a smile crept over his face.

“Noona!” he said running over to you jumping into your arms.

“Oh my god where did you go,” you said into his hair kissing all over the side of his face. He pulled back and covered your mouth with his hand.

“Eww,” he said at your kisses scrunching his face at you. You laughed as the tears continued to fall out of your eyes.

“Noona why are you crying?” he said his eyes widening a bit scared at your actions. You shook your head looking at him.

“Noona thought that you were gone. She thought you went missing,” you said your voice cracking as you took in the face of your little brother. If anything had happened to him you knew you would never be able to live the next day.

“All the kids went into the door but when it closed I couldn’t get in. So I went around the back fence and came through the front door,” he said smiling at you wiping your tears, “I was going to go to the head office because that’s where they tell everyone to go when they have a problem. But I wanted jolly ranchers so I came back here!” he said with a smile moving the water from your face. You let out an audible breath and hugged him close. You felt Gun move his head up and pull away from you. He blinked a couple times up at Minho and put his head down in shame.

“I’m sorry I didn’t ask for a jolly rancher,” he said pulling at the wrapper. Minho chuckled and shook his head taking the boy into the air and lifting him up.

“It’s ok Gun,” he said pulling him down to his chest and hugging him, “your sister and I are just glad you are safe that’s all. He sighed closing his eyes laying his head against the boys. You looked at him and didn’t know that an employee could be so attached to a kid. At that moment the new counselor ran in her breath heavy.

“Did you find him!” she asked with a phone in hand. You got up and walked over in front of her.

“Where’s your manager?” you asked narrowing your eyes at her. She was shaken and stepped back.

“Let’s do this tomorrow,” said Minho with Gun still laying on his head on his shoulder. Minho had put his hand on your shoulder and squeezed it.

“It looks like you’ve had a rough day and Gun kind of did too,” the man said smiling at you as Gun continued to suck on the rancher. You looked at Minho and then to Gun and sighed nodding your head. You took Gun from his arms and walked out the facility. The woman at the office from earlier got up quickly when she saw you.

“I’m so sorry I had no clue what was going on~” she started.

“It’s fine,” you said interrupting her again and moving out the facility with Minho behind you. You set Gun down and reached in your back pocket for your key…they weren’t there.

You leaned your head back and breathed deeply eyes closed and to the sky. You started to hear the drops of rain fall to the ground.

“What’s wrong?” you heard Minho’s luscious voice ask.

“I lost my keys,” you said letting out a breath. You opened yours and watched as the rain started to slowly pick up even though you guys were under the roof entrance of the facility. You shook your head and let out a deep sigh from your mouth shaking your head.

“I can take you home,” said Minho looking at you as Gun eyes widened with happiness grabbing Minho’s hand.

“No that’s ok I will go look for the keys,” you said retying your ponytail.

“Please noona please!” said Gun pulling Minho’s hand and then grabbing yours.

“Seriously, it’s no problem. I’m off when the last child is picked up and we can come back tomorrow to look for your keys when the weather is dry,” he said as he looked out to see the rain continue to come down. You breathed deeply and looked down at Gun who was tugging at your finger.

“Fine,” you said down at the boy. You looked up at Minho who was smiling.

“Let me go clock out and get my things,” he said as he pinched Gun’s cheek returning into the facility. It didn’t take long for him to come back out.

“Here,” he said holding an umbrella out for you.

“You keep it you’ll get wet,” you said pushing his hand that held the umbrella back to him. Minho shook his head and moved to Gun.

“Hey buddy can you hold this for me please?” he asked Gun and Gun gladly nodded taking the umbrella as it hovered over the two of you with him in your arms.

“Let’s go,” said Minho with a satisfied smile. You followed Minho to his car which was black and sleek, nothing a daycare employee would have. It looked expensive and he opened the door for you and Gun as the rain soaked his clothing. You got Gun and yourself in the car as quickly as you could so Minho could run to the driver’s side and get in. He turned and looked at the both of you in the back seat.

“You two ok?” he said mostly looking at Gun. Gun only smiled and nodded. “Good, ok where am I going?” he said now looking at you turning the car on

“Um just turn right when you come out of the parking lot and get onto Oakley Street and keep straight for a bit I’ll tell you where to turn,” you said buckling up Gun and then yourself. Minho nodded and shifted the car pulling it out of the parking lot following your instructions.

By the time you got home the rain had picked up even more, you didn’t believe how bad it got. Minho came and opened the door for you, Gun was passed out as you pulled him into your arms getting out the car. Minho grabbed the umbrella on the floor and opened it moving it over your head closing the door and moving close behind you. You even felt his warmth through this cold hard rain. You moved up the stairs into the small apartment and bent down to the flower pot in the corner, you lifted up the fake flower and got the key out from underneath and unlocked the door. Once you moved into the house you went and put Gun on the couch moving back to put the spare key where it belonged.

“That’s really clever,” said Minho in his soaked attire. You paused and looked at him.

“It looks like the rain won’t be getting lighter anytime soon,” you said going into your room and looking for something for him to where. You found an extra extra large shirt in a box and some boxers that you were suppose to give your ex boyfriend but never go a chance to. You found a pair of basketball shorts you’d borrowed from a friend one weekend as well and brought them out.

“Here,” you said giving the clothes to him.

“Oh you don’t have to do this I can make it home~”

“Please,” you interrupted him. You looked at him a little nervous and he nodded taking the clothes.

“Thank you,” he said moving to the kitchen counter.

“The bathrooms are small so you can just change out here while I go put Gun to sleep,” you said going over to your little brother picking him up. You didn’t turn to look at Minho’s response as you went down the small hall to the left where Gun slept. You got him a fresh pair of clothes and his pajamas as you undressed him and dressed him up again wrapping him in his covers. You looked down at the boy, when he slept he slept like a rock. The only known thing that he woke up to was the smell of food or if he woke himself up. You smiled at the many memories of him waking up to the smell of bacon. You brushed his hair back and kissed his forehead getting up and cutting the lights off closing his door softly.

As you entered back into the room Minho didn’t see you but you saw all of him. Your eyes widened as you took in ever curve of muscle his upper torso held. Not only was this man tall but he was fit. You blinked trying to avert your eyes but your hormones weren’t having it. It’d been probably a year maybe even two since you’d seen a half-naked man this close. You watched as he pulled the large shirt over his body, you took in his vivid v-cut and the muscles painting his back as they disappeared under the shirt. You cleared your throat entering into the kitchen as he got up his wet clothes.

“You can just hang those in the bathroom,” you said moving to turn the tea kettle on. Your apartment was small and you used to be embarrassed about it, but ever since you’ve been working you didn’t have time to think much about it. Minho came back into view and sat on the couch looking around on the walls of the apartment.

“This is a cozy place you have here,” he said smiling and looking at you.

“Cozy is one word I guess you could call it,” you said not expecting such a positive remark.

“Is this your mom?” Minho said reaching out on the table in front of the couch taking up a picture frame. You looked over your shoulder and new which picture he was talking about.

“Yeah,” you said not really in a pleasant tone.

“Gun told me that he doesn’t see his mom much,” Minho said letting his tongue dart out and back in to lick his lips. You felt a cold tingle to the small gesture and averted your eyes to find cups in the cabinet.

“He must’ve told you a lot then,” you said pulling out two cups and pouring some hot water into them dipping the tea bags into it. You got a quick spoonful of sugar and took the two cups over to the couch and sat next to him putting one in front of him on the table.

“Thank you,” he said picking up the cup. He sipped it and smiled softly.

“He also told me that you take care of him. That sometimes he thinks you’re his mom,” he said without hesitation looking at you. You sighed and rubbed your thumb over the tea cup.

“Yeah, it can be like that sometimes. She leaves without a message and doesn’t come back for days sometimes weeks even. No phone calls, no letters,” you said staring into the debts of your tea cup.

“I’m sorry you have to go through that,” he whispered. You looked up at him and took in his profile. He really was gorgeous.

“Now how does a guy like you end up in a babysitting field?” you said.

“A guy like me?”

“Yeh, strong, sexy, smart, and attractive,” you said not really caring how blunt you were. Life was to short to be shy. Minho chuckled softly and looked down at his tea. You saw the slightest red color hit the tip of his cheeks.

“Well, I just love kids I guess. I mean not in a rapist kind of way just, I just like working with them. They make the littlest things in this world seem so fascinating. And the older we get, I think the more we take for granted those little things. Because we’re so wrapped up on trying to make so much money trying to dominate this much land and,” he shrugged, “I think we should be led by there example.” You looked at the man nodded.

“Their example?”

“Enjoy the small things,” he said sipping his tea again. You smiled softly and looked down at the tea. You understood what he meant. Gun had always found the smallest things so interesting. One time there was a lizard on the front porch and Gun literally squatted in front of the thing for five minutes staring at it until it ran away, you remembered how that made you late for work and your boss had drilled you. You were angry at the time but now you saw how those precious small moments mattered.

“You’re right. How about the associates degree? Can you explain that one?” you said looking back up at him. He put the tea back down on the table and leaned back on the couch and looked at his foot as he crossed it over his leg. He tilted his head.

“Um, it was more of my parent’s idea,” he said nodding slowly still staring at whatever seen he was playing out in his head.

“Your parents?”

“Yeah,” he said nodding, “before they passed they wanted me to take over their business. It’s a high-end manufacturing company with big guys in suits with their belts too tight around their waists,” he scoffed playfully, “but I didn’t want that. They told me that if I were to atleast learn the foundation of the company, and understand it then I could do what I want. So I went in and took up the classes for that degree. But,” he said with a deep sigh as his eyes strained, “the day after my graduation they died. It was a car crash,” he said his voice cracking ever so slightly his eyes brimming with a red color.

“I’m so sorry to hear that,” you said as you felt your heart drop for this guy, and here you thought he’d had his whole life made up with a job enjoyed and a fancy car. He had no one to love him or support him. He was out here on his own just like you in this world.

“It’s fine,” he said shaking his head finally looking up at you,  “I decided that I was going to continue what they told me. Their will obviously left the company in my hands. So right now I’m working on my degree as my dad’s best friend is running the company right now with my approval until I can get into the big chair myself. I just don’t think I’m prepared yet which is why I’m going through graduate,” he said shrugging his shoulders. You nodded.

“So this daycare thing is your part-time?” you said sipping the tea. He smiled softly and sat up grabbing the tea and sipping it.

“Wow, your more complex than I thought,” you said looking at him. He shrugged.

“People are quick to judge these days, its unfortunate. Kids judge as well but at least their honest about it,” he said as his thumb rubbed the side of the cup.

“Anyway, I think the rain has died down a bit. I think it’s safe for me to go home now,” he said standing up.

“Are you sure? The roads can be really dangerous,” you said standing up following him as he walked to the door.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” he said with a small smile on his face. “I’ll come and pick you up about seven since my shift doesn’t start until eight. Then we can go and find your keys,” he said putting on his shoes. You nodded at him watching him open the door.

“Minho, thank you again. I can see you care a lot about my little brother and I appreciate it,” you said as he was about to take the first step down the stairs. He looked back at you as he opened his umbrella.

“It’s fine, I love that little guy. Don’t tell him I said this but he’s one of my favorites,” he said chuckling. You smiled softly and nodded.

“Good night!” he said running down to his car.

“Good night,” you whispered knowing he couldn’t hear you. You watched as the man drove off into the night as you felt your body anticipate his presence for the next morning.

****** Quick question for you guys~ Should I continue this or no? Let me know ^^ – MimiT*******


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