Save Me Chapter Nineteen

When Jungkook got back to his office the first thing he did was text Jimin asking to talk with him about new information he dug up. The man was quick as always to try and make Jungkook feel guilty but Jungkook knew he wasn’t in the wrong this time. Taehyung had done nothing wrong to Jimin besides being a bit inappropriate in the beginning but Jungkook could tell the boy wasn’t really like that.

Taehyung was an expert at survival in Jungkook’s eyes, only doing what he thought had to be done. The boy never once showed his fear, he buried the away in his chest and Jungkook was lucky enough to have Taehyung start to open up to him. As far as he was concerned Taehyung was staying; if even for a little while. He owed the boy that much.


            When Taehyung first woke up it was really early in the morning, so early that there was no sunlight to be seen coming from Jungkook’s bedroom windows. The cop was currently still passed out on his bed, his mouth slightly hanging open as he slept peacefully. Taehyung figured the older man wouldn’t awake up for another few hours give or take because of how much alcohol the man had consumed the night before.

Carefully Taehyung made his way out of the bed and made his way to the bathroom. He ended up knocking over a few photo frames when he bumped into a table in the dark. Thankfully that didn’t wake Jungkook, but Taehyung waited a minute or so before continuing towards the bathroom just in case. Passing by the kitchen Taehyung picked up Jooheon’s cell phone and made his way into the bathroom that was furthest from Jungkook’s bedroom

When he turned on the bathroom light he blinked his eyes a bit to get used to the harsh rays. Taehyung set the phone down on the toilet and walked over to the sink to splash water on his face to calm his nerves. Looking up into the mirror, Taehyung could see how puffy his eyes were from crying so hard before bed. He had to admit he looked worse for wear. He knew that Jungkook had seen and heard what had gone on inside the club but that wasn’t even the worst of it. Taehyung had tried his hardest to make it seem as if everything had gone smoothly, as if he enjoyed it but the reality of it was that the boy was terrified.

Taehyung absolutely hated Jooheon, the man was one of Taehyung’s worst clients. A boss of the Joker’s that specialized in violence. If there was a hit between the lower city districts then Jooheon was probably behind it. To make matters worse the man had a strange obsession with Taehyung. Jooheon was known to pay extra attention to younger women but Taehyung was in fact the first male that he ever took interest in. Taehyung would never forget the day they had met.


            It had been raining terribly that day and the sound of police sirens were like cicadas in the summer months, loud and ever present. Taehyung was standing at one of his usual corners that was close enough to an old newsstand with an awning above it. Taehyung was thankful to stay dry, unlike many other unlucky prostitutes that were bound to catch pneumonia standing out in the storm.  

            Cars came and went and client’s faces all blurred together in a mush of what Taehyung could only describe as disappointment. Sure seeing the same people over and over was probably a lot safer for him but Taehyung did get bored with his profession, if that’s what he wanted to call it. He was young so he figured sex should be fun. Instead, people mostly rented him out for their friends. Taehyung could probably count how many virginities he took on all of his fingers and toes. Then Taehyung had the clients that claimed they knew what they were doing but in reality Taehyung had to just sit back and try not to laugh as grown men tried to please him, their dialogue of “Does that feel good baby?” a mockery to the boys ears.

            No, when Jooheon pulled up it had been completely different. At first, Taehyung had thought Jooheon was motioning his hand for the girl that was standing next to him. She was nice, had a pretty face when it was covered in bruises. Taehyung might even go to say that she was beautiful but he had seen the needle marks on her arms before. She traded her soul for drugs and that’s why she sold her body. Taehyung on the other hand had no choice. It was a fuck or be fucked world after all.

            The girl had walked over to Jooheon’s car and Taehyung watched with disinterest until she came back, a look of confusion on her face as she said, “He wants to see you.”

            Taehyung had seen that car around before so he wasn’t stupid, he knew that it was Jooheon’s car. Taehyung was worried that Jooheon had wanted to kill the boy just for sport but money was money and it was much safer to just see what the man wanted. Either way standing around wasn’t going to help, so Taehyung had gathered his courage and walked over to the driver’s side window ready to seal his fate.

            The first thing Taehyung noticed was Jooheons’s vibrant red hair, they second thing was when he said, “You…you suck dick for money right?”

            Not really knowing what to say to that Taehyung simply nodded his hand before saying, “I don’t stand in the rain for fun.” Sassing the man probably wasn’t Taehyung’s best idea but the boy was exhausted. After this he needed to go find somewhere to sleep. The homeless shelter would be closing soon and he needed to make sure he got there on time.

            “I…how much is it for me to fuck you. Will two-hundred do?” Jooheon had asked. Taehyung normally charged less than a hundred for that but he sure as hell wasn’t going to tell Jooheon that so he simply said yes before getting into the car at Jooheon’s command.

            Jooheon had driven to a closed off alleyway before turning of the car and motioning for them to get in the back. Jooheon owned a fairly large all black SUV that he surely used as a get-away car when he did killings around the city. Taehyung tried to ignore the fact that he was in the car with a murder and did his best to smile, until Jooheon told him to stop.

            They had both sat in the back of the car for what seemed like an eternity before Jooheon finally put his hand on Taehyung’s thigh. It was gripped tightly.

            “Everyone keeps telling me that I keep killing the girls I’m with because I’m too rough. They said calm down or fuck a dude, because they’re tougher.” Jooheon said, staring hard into Taehyung’s eyes.

            Taehyung said nothing back but he did nod his head a bit to let the man know he was paying attention. Stay quiet…they normally didn’t like it when they talked.

            “So is it true?” Jooheon asked holding on tighter to Taehyung’s leg, the blunt force of it making the boy want to cry. “Are you stronger than a girl?”

            Trying his best to keep his voice level Taehyung said, “I’m a lot stronger than you think.”

            “We’ll see about that.” Jooheon had said before forcing Taehyung back against the leather seats of his car, the sound of his belt coming of sending his stomach in knots. Taehyung had watched the rain fall across the windows of Jooheon’s car like paint splatters on a canvas. Jooheon himself was a painter has he left bruise after bruise over Taehyung’s normally smooth tan skin.

            Shaking his head of the memory Taehyung tired his best to forget. Jooheon had asked if he was strong and the he had said yes, but even the strongest of things could break.

With shaking hand Taehyung dialed a number on Jooheon’s hands, the only number he ever cared to remember.

“Hey…it’s me…I need help.”


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