I Forgive You


I Forgive You Cover

Jungkook looked around the wrecked apartment room and sighed. This wasn’t the first time he had broken into the place to see his friend Min Yoongi. Honestly, Jungkook had been asking himself why he kept coming back. It seemed every visit here only made the older boy anger, made him more reckless. All of Yoongi’s other friends had already left him in the dust, stating that while they loved his wild side the boy’s crazy side was something else entirely. Truthfully Jungkook knew they had only left the other man because he scared them, right down to the core. Hell, he gave Jungkook about every nightmare the boy had ever had since he first met him.

Yoongi and Jungkook weren’t what you called typical friends either and his parents actually hated the fact that he spent time with the so-called lost cause. Jungkook didn’t stick by Yoongi’s side due to loyalty either so that wasn’t a plausible reason. Jungkook did it because he was stupid. Jungkook had gone over every possible reason to still be friends with the local psycho and he could never come up with one, so why did he find himself breaking into said psycho’s home? Stupidity was a marvelous thing.

It didn’t take long to find Yoongi at all, follow the bottle-ridden floor and you were sure to find him. Jungkook’s teal haired friend was currently sitting cross-legged on the ground, bottle of Jack Daniel’s between his thighs. Jungkook knew Yoongi was drunk, knew he had probably started working that bottle down the moment he had woken up from his latest pass out. Later, Rinse. Repeat.

“Suga-hyung…I came back like I said I would.” Jungkook said using the familiar nickname he had taken to calling the boy. It wasn’t his idea in the first place, it mostly to get back at the older male for calling him Kookie all the time.

“Aw don’t get mad Jung-kookie. I only call you that because you’re sweet and innocent just like one.” Had been the answer he had gotten. Jungkook thought that was a stupid reason. Just because he wasn’t a troublemaker didn’t mean he was innocent. If that were the case, then he wouldn’t be here now would he?

“Jungkookie…lets…lets have a pillow fight.” Yoongi said when his eyes finally looked onto his friend. Yoongi had a habit of asking to do many random things. It was usually never a good idea to entertain these moments but this was one of the more tame things Yoongi had asked of him.

“Aren’t we a bit old for that hyung?” Jungkook asked, but picked up a pillow anyway.

“You’re never to old to have a little fun. Where’s your childhood spirit?” Yoongi asked, his tone mocking as he slid to his feet, a pillow in his grip.

“Gone…we aren’t children anymore.” Jungkook said as he watched his friend tilt his head back and smile. That smile was one that haunted his dreams. There was nothing more terrifying to Jungkook than someone who felt like they had nothing to lose. They were the most dangerous. They were the ones that committed mass murders, did terrible things to people just for the heck of it, just because they could. Every time Yoongi smiled at him like that Jungkook could see the boy break bit by bit in front of his very eyes.

When Jungkook hit the boy with the pillow he did so friendly at first but then as the traded blow for blow, one moment they were using pillows and the next they were using their fists. Yoongi was so much stronger than any drunkard should ever be but that didn’t stop Jungkook from landing a few solid punches. The next one knocking Yoongi on his ass, crashing into the desk at was covered in cigarette buds and red solo cups.

“You hit like a girl!” Yoongi had yelled, spitting blood onto the floor.

“Well you’re acting like one! Yoongi what the fuck is wrong with you.” Jungkook asked, utterly baffled at how this had even started, why it had even started. His answer was a tackle to the floor and a face full of fist. Jungkook’s mouth ached from the impact and he swore he saw stars when his head impacted the ash ridden wooden floor.

“What’s wrong with me you ask, what a stupid question.” Yoongi said laughing as he landed another hit on Jungkook’s body.

“What did I do? Should I just stop coming over, is that what you want?!” Jungkook asked, blocking one of Yoongi’s hits, making his fist connect to the space just where his head was. Jungkook took notice that, that would have been extremely painful, not that the hits he had just gotten didn’t hurt. They were different though. Yoongi’s moves got sloppy and when Jungkook said the word leave Yoongi froze above him, leaning back some to look at the boy.

“No…don’t do that…” Yoongi said, in a tone so unlike him. It wasn’t crying necessarily, maybe whining? None of that mattered however when Yoongi leaned down and placed his lips to Jungkook’s.

Firstly, Jungkook noticed that pressing lips to a busted lip probably isn’t a good idea, it kind of hurt. Secondly Jungkook was pretty sure first kisses weren’t supposed to taste like blood and yet somehow Jungkook couldn’t envision this happening any other way. Not that he had envisioned it, most of the time in his dreams Yoongi was normally trying to kill him or do something equally offensive to him and yet here he was, with Yoongi’s hands on either side of his head and the boys bloody lips to his own bloody mouth.

The kiss was mostly innocent, no tongue or whatever kisses where normally like. It was chaste, almost like a handshake, an unusually long handshake.

When their lips parted Yoongi rolled over and laid next to Jungkook. Jungkook stayed still as Yoongi reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Soon the smell of smoke filled the air, giving Jungkook an almost dizzy feeling from being to close to the smoke, or perhaps it was the boy he was next to.

Jungkook felt the subtle wave that Yoongi’s body created as he laughed. “It’s hopeless…me ya know?” Yoongi said, not turning to look at Jungkook but to stare up at the cracked ceiling instead.

Taking the cigarette from Yoongi’s fingertips, Jungkook placed it onto his own bloody mouth and pulled the smoke into his lungs, just has Yoongi had shown him how to do so many years ago. It burned through his system before Jungkook let out the smoke slide out his mouth. “That’s okay, I forgive you…”


Jungkook didn’t come here because he was a good friend, he didn’t come here because he was loyal, he always came back because he was stupid.



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