Fourth Fatality: Chapter 3


When your eyes had opened again you’d no clue what time it was. The only thing you remembered last seeing was the man with his eyes closed and head back on the couch breathing slowly with his arms crossed. The sun was out at that time, now it was dark. The thirst had crept up to the dry cracks of your lips and you felt the heaviness under your eyes plea for help. You felt the stiffness of your back crack as you tried moving to reposition yourself on the wooden chair you were tied down to.

The man was nowhere in sight. You looked with little energy to your left and right to no avail. He was nowhere in sight. You breathed deeply and blinked slowly coughing behind the heavy duty duct tape smothered on your face. You still couldn’t find a way out of this. How did you get into this mess in the first place? You closed your eyes and saw a vivid face of Chen that you’d just conversed with this morning. You were so happy that he wasn’t going to come to your place until a week later, you didn’t want him to be anywhere near what was going to happen.

You heard footsteps coming from some area until you narrowed it to the door at the end of the room the guy had sat near when he brought you there. You watched as the door opened and he came through it with a water bottle in his hand.

“Looks like the tiger’s up,” he said closing the door behind him walking over to you. He took the corner of the tape and ripped it off with no hesitation watching you yell out in the burning sensation that felt like your skin just ripped off. You breathed heavily with no energy to the air that hit what felt like the no skin zone on your face. You glared up at him not having any words come to mind. Your body had been holding it’s bladder for hours, you’ve had nothing to eat, and you were dehydrated sitting in the dry dusty air of this safe house.

“Drink,” said the guy glaring down at you moving the water bottle to your mouth. He tipped it up as you tilted your head back trying to take in every drop you could. He only let you drink half of the bottle until he pulled the refreshing wetness from your lips. You gulped down the rest that was in your mouth breathing for air your whole body shaking as you watched him sit on the couch and cross his legs. He tipped his head back and finished the rest of the water.

“Why am I here?” you asked not even in a whisper. You could barely hear yourself you sounded so weak and drained.

“I told you you don’t need to know that,” he said tilting his head to the side looking at you.

“You told me I didn’t need to know who you were, not as to why I’m here,” you said. You felt the anger coming back up your throat and to the back of your teeth. You could almost feel the weight of your furrowed forehead scrunching up. You watched as the guy blinked slowly still glaring at you.

“I don’t know why you’re here,” he said in a deep low voice.

“What?” you said surprised but it sounded more like disgust.

“I said I don’t know why you’re here. I was just told to capture you and bring you here. The buyer is coming to pick you up within the next hour,” he said not taking his eyes away from yours. The word buyer made the weight of the air in the room heavier.

“Buyer?” you whispered almost inaudibly. “You’re selling me?” you said feeling your upper lip pull up in a snarl. He wasn’t fazed at all.

“It’s a business. My work field is my own just like yours is to you.” Four. He looked at you staring into you as if there was nothing behind his eyes.

“Human trafficking is your business?” you said almost spitting the words out.

“No. I’m an assassin. But every now and then I have detours that I need to take care of for extra cash,” he lifted up the empty water bottle and pointed it at you, “you are one of those detours.” Three. You let out one dry laugh from your chest and breathed deeply looking up at the ceiling. You felt the tears shoot up to your eyes and the hard dry mucus stop up at your throat.

“Not as tough as you think you are huh?” he said. You looked back at him feeling the hot tears sting at your eyes. You never cried out of sadness, only anger.

“When I get out of these, I’m giving you a nice juicy round house to that pretty little face of yours ok?” you said practically spitting in his face.Two. Your breath started to pick up at an irregular pace as you watched the guy smirk and look down at his phone. He looked back up at you and shook the screen.

“They’re here,” he said moving over to you ripping a clean piece of tape off to reposition back over your mouth. You through your head to the side glaring up at him as he paid you no attention going over to the door. One.

You heard a crowd of footsteps running what sounded like stairs and you watched as the guy paused before turning the knob on the door. You watched as he listened to the heavy sets of feet coming to that one entry way. He looked over at you his eyes wider than you’ve seen them since he’s taken you and watched as he bolted to the couch. He took a knife and quickly placed in in the inside of his pantleg as well as what looked to be a brass knuckle, it had a small chain that hooked around his wrist as a bracelet and he slid it under his long sleeve concealing it’s presence. You heard the door knock once, then twice. You watched as the guy calmly walked behind the couch and stood there comfortably leaning back with his arms crossed watching the door.

You watched as the door busted open flying across the floor falling letting the dust in the corners curl up the wall with the whiplash wind.

“I’ll pay for that,” said a thick charismatic voice coming from the entrance. You watched as a tall guy with bright thick blonde almost white like hair stepped passed the mess he made. His profile was cut to a T almost as sharp as a knife. His skin was smooth and licked with a healthy tan. From this far it looked like his eyes were a dark green but you couldn’t tell the very detail from where you were. You watched as the guy came in with a slick smile pulling at one side. He was dressed in a full suit, collar tucked and everything. The charisma he carried was leaking in the crevasses of the walls in the room. You watched the guy smirk and walk towards the man leaning on the couch.

“It really is the famous Do Kyungsoo, I never thought in my day we’d be able to meet face to face,” he said standing in the middle of the room. His entire body was relaxed as he slid his hands in both pockets.

“Kim Jongin,” you heard Kyungsoo say. You watched his back flex upward as Jongin stepped closer. Jongin smirked when his name left Kyungsoo’s lips. Kyungsoo’s voice was still low and smooth, not a single sign of panic had shown through his voice. You watched as Jongin walked around near the side of the couch looking at Kyungsoo.

“A lot sexier in person too,” he smiled slyly and walked back in front of Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo not moving an inch.

“You know a lot of people have a hefty price on your head right now,” he said wagging a finger at Kyungsoo.

“I’m assuming that’s why you came here,” Kyungsoo nodded over to the heavily armed group of men that’d lined up in front of the entry way when Jongin had come into the room, “so that you could take me in,” he said settling his sight back on Jongin. You could only see the back of Kyungsoo’s body but the way Jongin was staring at him told you that Kyungsoo’s expression hadn’t changed once. Jongin let out a quite hardy chuckle.

“Don’t think of it as taking you in,” he said pacing in front of Kyungsoo slowly, “just think of it as my boss wanting to meet you,” he said stopping looking down at the ring that sat on his pinky finger, “it’s a business. You understand that don’t you?” he said moving his eyes to look at Kyungsoo without moving the rest of his body. The cut glare that he’d just flashed Kyungsoo made the charismatic man look like a death wish, it was scary and shocking to the point where you felt your own spine feel a flash run down its spine. Kyungsoo still didn’t shift.

“Of course, and right now you’re messing up mine. Where’s Min Seok?” he asked with a sharper tongue.

“Oh you mean Xuimin? Your buyer? He had a little,” said Jongin pausing his pace to move his hands searching for the right word to say, “detour,” he said then smiling again. You chuckled dryly rolling your eyes at how these two could have such a similar vocabulary.

At that moment Jongin leaned over and looked passed Kyungsoo’s shoulder laying his eyes on you. When your eyes met yours widened and looked away swiftly before you caught a glimpse of the full smile that painted the man’s face. You heard his footsteps walk over past Kyungsoo and the couch to stand in front of you. You didn’t move when he opened his mouth down at you.

“Look what we have here,” he said smoothly. You could smell his cologne wrapping around your neck and cheek, it smelled great but in this situation you thought it’d swallow you whole.

“Don’t touch her, she’s Xuimin’s merchandise,” you heard Kyungsoo say. You didn’t hear any movements or footsteps. You felt Jongin’s fingers curl around your chin and quickly jerking it to face him. Up close he was even more beautifully deadly than far away. His eyes piercing you, more like caressing you than the heavy glare of Kyungsoo’s. His deadliness was different from Kyungsoo’s. His charisma was his weapon, instead of the outright bluntness Kyungsoo had been giving you since he captured you.

“She looks familiar,” he said moving closer to your face. You could practically feel his breath on your forehead as his lips got closer to your face. They were thick, and prominent. You breath started picking up and you felt your chest move up and down with its fast rhythm.

“Aww look at this she’s scared,” he said moving closer brushing his lips on your nose. You felt a quick shiver seduce your shoulder. You saw his mouth curl in a devilish smile.

“I said don’t touch her,” you heard Kyungsoo’s voice boom across the room. You felt Jongin stiffen. You breath was shaking at this point.

“She’s cute,” he said looking at you then to Kyungsoo. You felt your breath come back to your body making your whole being shake, “but she’s not my type,” he said eyeing Kyungsoo up and down with hunger in the back of his eyes. You saw Kyungsoo scoff once in his chest, having a small smile full of amusement appear and disappear with the blink of an eye.

“Well enough sweet talk, boss is on a schedule today,” Jongin nodded gesturing to the group of men standing behind Kyungsoo, “his week is a little…busy,” he said tilting his head to the side.

You watched as three of the men moved towards Kyungsoo. One man was even doubled his size. Two of them had guns and stayed posted near the door. Your eyes grew wide trying to signal Kyungsoo as they moved back and forth from him to the group of men behind him. You watched as Kyungsoo’s glare didn’t waver off of Jongin. Four. The smallest of smirks ghosted Kyungsoo’s lips as he tilted his head.

“I don’t think this is much of a fair fight is it?” he said without a waver in his voice. Jongin chuckled softly.

“You know how the market works Kyungsoo,”he said moving his fingers into a “come here” position to the men making them pick up their pace, “you’ve practically built some of it yourself,” he said sliding his hand back into his pockets. Kyungsoo slowly stretched his neck to the left and then to the right rolling his shoulders back. Three.

“Then I guess you should know that I won’t go easy,” he said staring straight at Jongin. Three men came at Kyungsoo at once. The first one throwing a left hook as he dodged under coming up into the man’s stomach with his fist. He punched three times rapidly and you watched as the man choked up and blood came out of the corner of the man’s mouth. You didn’t even notice that Kyungsoo put the metal knuckles on his real ones. Kyungsoo used the man’s limp weight to throw on the second man giving him time to turn around and grab the ankle of the third. The third man jumped up using Kyungsoo’s grip to fly into the air coming down to kick his chin. Kyungsoo smoothly leaned back making him miss pushing the man back. You watched as Jongin started to walk around watching the fight as it proceeded.

The second man that took the fall of the man’s weight came behind Kyungsoo punching towards his neck, Kyungsoo swiftly moved under his arm taking the straight punch grabbing his wrist. He moved and punched the man’s armpit, side rib cage, and throat bringing down his elbow over his knee as you heard a crack. Your eyes squinted at the sound. Two.

Everything was happening so fast, it was like watching an action movie in front of you. You followed Jongin as he walked with a smirk to one of the men with the guns. Kyungsoo dodged the third man’s punch and blocked three more kicks with his elbows. While all of this happened Kyungsoo’s expression hadn’t wavered once. He got one good punch into the man’s throat and as the man went down to his knees Kyungsoo watched, he shouldn’t have.

Jongin grabbed the gun from one of the men and walked over casually to Kyungsoo who was looking down at the fallen three. As his sight began to move back up Jongin lifted up the gun giving it a good smack onto Kyungsoo’s chin. In one broken motion Kyungsoo hit the floor. Your eyes shook as you watched the lifeless body lie on the ground, you looked back up at Jongin whose face was curled with a sly smile. You watched as his attention moved to your eyes. Your whole body froze.

“Take her too,” he said nodding over at your direction. You started jerking around in the seat as the two gun men came towards you. One.


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