Breathe With Me Chapter Two

NamJin OSF


Seokjin had a habit of staring. At first he thought it was because of the medication he was on but he had been tossing his pills for quite some time, not in the trash of course but in the back of his underwear drawer. After all he knew he needed them, his parents spent a lot of money on them so no point in wasting them.

Seokjin was simply conducting an experiment and the drugs just got in the way. Back to the staring through, Seokjin was currently in front of the mirror staring at himself. Beautiful is what people called him but he didn’t see the charm there. A prince was supposed to be this exceptional person but Seokjin saw none of that in the mirror. Perhaps he needed to ask it questions like in some fairy tale. “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most depressed of them all?”

That probably wasn’t what he should have asked it. His doctor said he shouldn’t focus on negative thoughts, or the bad juju as his mother liked to call it. Poisonous thoughts that once had a fourteen year old Seokjin committed to a mental hospital because his parents were afraid he’d hurt himself. Honestly Seokjin hadn’t really thought of offing himself, he figured what’s the point in that. If everything was useless now then death probably was too. He didn’t resent his parents for that, they just didn’t understand how he felt so they were scared. People were usually scared of what they didn’t understand.

Walking away from the mirror Seokjin pulled out the clothes he never picked out and placed them over his thin frame. He rarely ate, not because he was starving himself but because his depression acted as a forget me button. Simple things like sleeping and eating were sometimes strangers to Seokjin. Seokjin had been sleeping a lot more though and that also caused him to not eat. Who has time to eat when they can’t crawl out of bed? Looking down at his stomach Seokjin heard it grumble and he sighed at it. He wanted to sleep…

Crawling into bed Seokjin decided he could go another few hours without eating something, his stomach would silence itself eventually. Seokjin however found that he was having trouble sleeping again. Normally the moment his head hit the pillow he would be out like a light, unless he was having another insomniac moment again. Well that ruins his plans for the weekend. Reaching for his phone that was charging on his night stand Seokjin began to surf the web for photos of anything and everything. He enjoyed photography, or at least he thought he did. It was one of the only things that didn’t make him want to crawl inside a shell and hide there for eternity.

Seokjin was just about to like a photo of a black and white forest scape when a text message popped up. Well that was strange. Opening it up Seokjin saw that it was from a Rap Monster. Seokjin didn’t know any rapping monsters. How did this contact get in his phone?

“Who’s this?” Was Seokjin’s response to the text that simply said, “What’s up man?”

“It’s me Namjoon, you’re local friendly dealer with morals?” was the response he got back almost instantly. Oh…that’s who. Of course it would be him, Seokjin didn’t know any other people.

“Oh hello…” was Seokjin’s response. Again here they were conversing like friends would but Seokjin didn’t have friends, just people that judged him differently.

“I was wondering if you had the notes on stem cell theories. I’m in AP biology with you.”

AP biology…Seokjin couldn’t remember Namjoon being in that class with him but then again Seokjin normally stared outside the window or directly at the black board where the teacher scribbled down all her notes for the day. He supposed it could be true…he had the notes so why not tell the boy.

Seokjin’s reply was a simple, “Yes I do.”

“Okay great can I borrow them, I really need to do well on this next test if I’m gonna keep my GPA up.” Namjoon texted back.

Seokjin had never let anyone borrow anything from him, he didn’t have any siblings to take his things nor did he have friends. He had heard stories of people stealing or not returning the things they borrowed but Seokjin knew the stem cell notes pretty well. What was the harm in letting the other boy take them?

“Fine, you can grab them tomorrow at school…” Seokjin typed, Namjoon’s response however was quick as he said. “I’m already in the neighborhood. I’ll come over to pick them up in like five minutes.”

Seokjin had wanted to insist that he could just grab them tomorrow, they didn’t have the next test until that next week but what could he say, Namjoon was already coming so Seokjin walked over to his window and stared outside…waiting for his local friendly dealer with morals.




2 thoughts on “Breathe With Me Chapter Two

  1. Can’t wait to see where this story goes! It’s hard to imagine either of them doing these things, but your writing helps paint a picture clearly. Love your work BTW!

    Liked by 1 person

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