I Didn’t Mean To Chapter Eighteen


“I…I am so drunk right now. Like…like I think I just created a record for drunkenness.” Peniel said, lulling his head to the side on the couch he and Mark were currently resting on. They decided to move into the resting areas in the back, that idols typically used to sleep at when they partied to hard. Many people used these areas for another things as well. Mark was trying really had to calm his body down but the sounds that were coming from the room next to theirs’s was extremely distracting.

“Pooh, why does everyone else get to have so much sex? I’m in my twenties, I should be fucking someone!”

“We could be fucking people right now?” Mark said, more as a question than anything. Mark had only one desire to be with one person and Jackson didn’t want him. Was Mark supposed to be a monk or something now? Did Mark even find anyone else attractive? Looking at his friend next to him Mark supposed that Peniel was attractive as well. While Jackson was sexy as hell Peniel was more…was more…, “You’re cute…” Mark said, letting the words slide from his lips slowly.

“Um…wait what?” Peniel asked, laughing as he did so. “You think I’m cute?”

“Well yea…I mean it’s not like you’re hard to look at. I don’t know why you can’t be having sex right now.” Mark said, nodding to himself in agreement. Looking up at the clock on the far side of the wall Mark could tell that it was much later than he intended it to be. He needed to call a taxi, go home and sleep it off. Mark didn’t usually get seriously bad hangovers so he just needed to get home and sleep in order to be ready for, well a few hours from now. When had it hit the morning time? His manager was going to kill him, that was if JYP didn’t do it first.

“Mark we’re the only ones in this room, who would I be having sex with?” Peniel asked. Taking one last look at the clock Mark had decided, if he was going to be bad, he may as well be very bad. Leaning over, Mark pressed his lips to Peniel’s and slide his hand to the waist band on Peniel’s jeans. Jinyoung did say forget about Jackson right…and…and Peniel needed this too. He was doing them both a favor tonight, this time the clock didn’t matter.


Mark stood up, his back turned to Peniel as he zipped his own jeans back up. Peniel as still panting on the couch, staring wide eyed up at Mark.

“So…that was um…that was pretty awesome.” Peniel said, stretching his back a bit before winching, deciding that it was a bad idea to move so quickly.

“Yea…sorry but I should really head out now. We…we’re good right?” Mark asked. He didn’t want to lose a friend over, what lonely sex?

“Nah don’t even worry about it, we are the best of friends still buddy. Text me when you get in alright?” Peniel said smiling normally at Mark which made him feel a bit better.

“Yea will do,”

“Oh and Mark,” Peniel began, earning the attention of his friend who was halfway out the door. “I don’t think Jackson really doesn’t care about you the way you think. Besides after having sex with you I can totally say that if he doesn’t even try it out he’s missing out.”

Laughing, Mark walked back over and leaned down to kiss Peniel. “Thanks, I’ll catch you later.”


Once Mark got back to his apartment, Coco was waiting at the door and started barking. “Shh Coco…you’ll wake up everyone.” Mark said quickly picking her up to take her outside to use the bathroom. Once that task was done Mark made his way into the room and was surprised to see Jackson, wide awake and he did not looked pleased.

“Mark just where the hell were you?” Jackson asked, his tone hushed in order to not wake the whole house.

“I was out, you know I left.”

“Yea but that was after the fan meet and greet, which was yesterday afternoon.” Jackson said accusingly.

“Well mom I am a full grown adult and can do whatever it is that I want you do understand that right?” Mark said, taking his shoes off so he could get ready to take a quick shower, not wanting to smell like other people’s sweat while he slept.

“No you can’t do whatever you want, what you do effects the whole group as a whole. People will think it’s weird that you stayed out all night when you already have a boyfriend.”

“Technically I don’t have a boyfriend and I wasn’t anywhere near a place for the paparazzi to see. I was at the Palace, so no harm no foul. Besides you can’t judge me, you’re still wearing the same clothes from yesterday too, which means you just got in as well. If anything what you do is much more scandalous than me. How about this for a headline, Jackson Wang caught cheating on silent boy Mark Tuan. That sure does paint a picture now doesn’t it?”

“Scandalous? I wasn’t doing anything bad at all. I was talking with a friend about some things.” Jackson said, looking confused but Mark wasn’t buying it.

“Yea sure you were, look Jackson I seriously don’t care if you hook up with random people anymore. Let’s just go back to being best friends again, and like stop lying to each other.” Mark said.

“I…That’s all I’ve wanted but you keep giving me the third degree. Ignoring me is not a great way to be someone’s friend and…wait what’s that on your neck?” Jackson asked, standing up to get a closer look at Mark.

“What does it look like it is? I went to a club what do you expect to be on my neck?” Mark asked, pushing passed Jackson. He still needed a fucking shower and then sleep. He was so tired and Jackson was just irritating him.

“Mark you can’t have a hickys on your neck. What will people say? A…And who gave you a hicky?”

“People won’t know because there is an invention called makeup and if it doesn’t get covered up people will think you did it. Besides who does it matter who I have sex with, nothing that happens in the palace goes outside of that place.”

“So what someone just had sex with you, knowing that you had a boyfriend?” Jackson asked baffled.

“I don’t fucking have a boyfriend Jackson, you have made that very clear for the beginning. You should be happy that I’m finally having some fucking fun. What is the big deal?”

“The big deal? What’s the big deal?! Mark I don’t go around having sex with people, I haven’t ever since JYP said we were together.”

“Wait what?” Mark asked, finding that it was his turn to be confused.

“I…” Jackson began to say until their slightly closed bedroom door burst open revealing a very upset looking BamBam.

“I only ask that I get all hours of my beauty sleep…that was the only thing I asked for when we all moved in together. You two are being fucking bothersome. Shut the hell up and handle this tomorrow…also Mark your shirt is inside out.” BamBam said before leaving the room just as quickly as he entered. The little devil sure was scary when he was woken up.

“Sorry Bam.” Mark called but after turning around he saw Jackson looking at him oddly.

“What the fuck is it?” Mark asked angrily, not enjoying being stared at so terribly. It looked like Jackson was judging him in the worst ways possible.

“You’re a fucking cheater.” Is all Jackson said, before pushing past Mark.

A cheater? What the hell just happened?




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