Fourth Fatality: Chapter 8


Your mind was lost. All it could think about was how you were just violated. You felt dirty, you felt like you weren’t your ownself anymore. Your tears hot flooding your face as you stared down at your open gashed hand not even caring that the pain was consuming the wound. You didn’t even look up when Kyungsoo walked passed you and into the bathroom. You heard the water running and saw him come back out with a wet towel. He wrapped your hand quickly and squeezed it.

“Put pressure on it,” he said getting back up and moving somewhere into the room where you didn’t pay attention. You looked at the white towel as the pure color turned red.  Your mind didn’t know what to do. You just watched as the blood flowed out your hand and onto the towel. All you felt was pain coaxed by the lingering feeling of Jongin’s hand. You shivered breaking down even more. Your worst fear was about to happen if Kyungsoo wasn’t there.

“I told you to put pressure on it,” Kyungsoo growled coming back to you sitting on the floor in front of you. You watched as Kyungsoo took your open hand pouring a cleaning substance on it making it burn. Your tears double as you sobbed at the pain still not being able to move or function your body. You stared in the direction of him operating on your hand and watched as he went to work on it. He cleaned it out and stitched it up in under 15 minutes.

“I told you those blades would be merciless if you held them wrong,” he said now bandaging your hand. You didn’t respond still looking at your hand as your mind floated. Kyungsoo looked at you but you were still staring at your hand lifeless.

“He was right there, he was about to take me,” you whispered choking on your own words. The more you thought about it the angrier you got and the more terrifying the situation became. You heard Kyungsoo sigh and didn’t move your gaze as he stood up and leaned down picking you up, one hand under your bent legs and the other under your back. He carried you to the bed and started to button up your shirt. You didn’t even realize that this man had just seen you half naked. He didn’t say anything to it and went into the bathroom to get another washcloth. It was wet when he came back and he sat on the side of the bed next to you.

Your stare was still straight ahead and you didn’t blink as the tears spilled down your face.

“Hey,” Kyungsoo whispered. You didn’t move. “Y/N,” he said. That was the first time he’s ever said your name. You slowly turned to him feeling like you had no energy left to breathe or function. You watched as his hand reached up and patted your forehead with the cool washcloth. It was the complete opposite of what you were feeling, hot and disgusting. It was clean and cooling. You shuddered and felt the consistency of your tears pick up.

“It’s ok,” he whispered still patting your forehead. You watched as his other hand took yours and held it. He squeezed your hand and whispered, “I’m here now.” You looked from your ok hand to his face and watched him smile slightly, it was awkward seeing his face in a more positive setting. You shuddered again and cried out everything that was in your system. You leaned forward not caring if he choked you and bawled into his chest. After a couple of seconds he repositioned himself pulling you down onto his chest as he sat in a seated position. You cried so hard that you were giving yourself a headache. But Kyungsoo didn’t move. He kept his hand on your back and let you sob onto him. You didn’t even know when your vision decided to go black.


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