Save Me Chapter Four

Finally making it to his room Jungkook saw that Jimin had fallen asleep, his body curled up on the edge of the bed. The shirt Jungkook had given him as curled up in his fists, the boy must have taken it off. It was a bit warm in Jungkook’s bedroom, the window on the far right had a crack in it letting out a steady breeze of air. Jimin really did look beautiful curled up like that all around Jungkook’s shirt like that.

Undoing his belt, Jungkook began to remove his uniform bit by bit, trying to stay quite but it must not have worked because Jimin’s sweet voice said, “I love you in uniform…but you look even better with it off.”

“I thought you were sleeping,” Jungkook said lifting his shirt, up and over his head.

“How can I sleep when you’re standing over there looking like that?” Jimin said, slowly sitting up. Jimin’s eyes searched all over Jungkook’s chest which was painted in cuts and bruises. “I hate that this happens to you baby, but I also can’t see you doing anything else. You’re a wonderful cop.”

“Aw, that just makes me feel all warm inside.” Jungkook said laughing as he slide his pants off and kicked them to the side.

“Hey don’t be an ass,” Jimin said, pouting cutely at his boyfriend.

Jungkook slowly crawled over to the bed and reached for Jimin’s wrists, pulling his boyfriend flush against him. Jimin’s body had a thin sheen of sweat against it already from the heat of the room, his skin slightly sticky as it touched Jungkook’s skin.

“I’m sorry baby, how can I make it up to you?” He growled deeply, pressing his lips against Jimin’s own full ones. Jimin was eager to return the kiss, parting his legs so Jungkook could slide comfortably between them. They didn’t get to have this much intimacy in a while, both of them so busy with work.

“Oh I’m sure you can figure something out…” Jimin said, smiling softly at Jungkook.

Jungkook was quick to place his hands at Jimin’s hips and slide the pants from his boyfriends body, and then his own boxers down to his knees. Jimin made quick work to reach down and slide his mouth over Jungkook’s member, stroking the boy. Jungkook let out a groan as he felt the wet, heat of Jimin’s mouth on his body. Once Jimin had Jungkook hard enough he gave the head a kiss before backing up to let Jungkook prep him, which didn’t take long because Jimin was already so used to sleeping with Jungkook.

“W…what about the boy, he…he can hear us.” Jimin said as he moaned again when Jungkook pushed himself into the boys tight body.

“So what, that just means be a little quiet, although you sound wonderful when you scream.” Jungkook said, earning a light hit from Jimin. Jungkook would be damned if he let Taehyung ruin his sex life, so he pushed the boy to the back of his mind, focusing only on Jimin and how wonderful the boy felt.

~Save Me~

When Jungkook woke up Jimin wasn’t there, he had left a note saying that he had to go get started on his new article and that he’d come back later. Jungkook ran his fingers through his hair, messing it up from where it had gotten plastered to his head from the night before. Jungkook always felt much more relaxed after sleeping with Jimin.

After using the bathroom Jungkook walked over to check on Taehyung. Unlocking the door Jungkook got an eye full of Taehyung spread out, naked on his bed. The boy was asleep, one hand laying across his chest while the other was spread out somewhere by his side.

Jungkook tried to shut the door without the boy noticing but one of Taehyung’s eyes opened up at spotted him. The boy made no move to cover himself up and instead let out a breathy, “Good morning.”

“Why the hell are you naked? Never mind that get dressed and come eat breakfast!” Jungkook said quickly exiting the room.

Jungkook wanted to head to work right away but what was he supposed to do with the kid, he couldn’t just leave Taehyung here alone, that would be a disaster waiting to happen. His only option was to take him to work, perhaps Seokjin could look after him.

Taehyung didn’t take long to get dressed, stumbling into the kitchen where Jungkook was currently blending two smoothies. He wasn’t really a breakfast person and that wasn’t going to change any time soon, even with his nuisance guest. As Jungkook was chopping up an apple to blend up he nearly took off his finger as Taehyung nonchalantly said, “I could hear you and your friend fucking last night, it sounded pretty boring to me.”

“Fuck, you can’t just blurt things out like that, don’t you have any manners?”

“No, sorry manners isn’t really my thing. So who did the fucking, I’m guessing it was you but I’ve been proven wrong in the past before,”

“We are not discussing my sex life!” Jungkook yelled, tossing the apples and other fruit into the blender and turning it on to drown out Taehyung’s voice.

Once he cut the machine off he hoped the boy would drop the subject but instead he said, “So you probably have really boring vanilla sex, or you just aren’t doing it right because I should have heard your boyfriend scream a lot louder than that.”

Slamming the cups filled with their breakfast on the table Jungkook said, “Maybe I gagged him because you were in the other room and if you don’t shut the hell up I might gag you as well. Drink your breakfast and shut up, I have to be at work in an hour and I also need to figure out what to do with you.”

“Gag me? Kinky, but I’m not really into the whole S&M stuff but for you I might make an exception if you ask nicely.”

Taking a sip from his cup Jungkook looked over at the boy before saying, “Taehyung,”

“Yea?” The boy responded, earning a solid smack at the back of his neck.

“Shut up and eat!”

“You know you could get in trouble for hitting me all the time,” Taehyung said rubbing his neck and thankfully dropping the subject of Jungkook’s sex life.

“Does that mean they’ll take you away from me?” Jungkook asked smiling at the boy. He continued to smile as Taehyung grumbled to himself and head his cup in both hands, like a child afraid of dropping the glass. He looked much different like this, sitting at the kitchen table than when Jungkook had seen him this morning, spread out naked.

Just because Taehyung knew all about sex it did not in fact mean the boy wasn’t a child. When he waited for the boy to get dressed earlier he looked up the boy’s age. He was only sixteen years old, a complete baby when compared to Jungkook’s age of twenty four.

Jungkook felt a little bad for the boy because who knows how long Taehyung has been sleeping with people for money, forced to work for the Jokers. The gang was a virus in the city and it was Jungkook’s job to cleanse the streets of the sickness.


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